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LifeCell Overnight Hand Treatment 30ml


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Rejuvenate the skin on your hands with this hydrating hand treatment.

Your hands can easily give away your age.

Help reverse the look of dark spots, age spots, and discoloration to reveal a more even and beautiful skin tone.

It’s lightweight and easily absorbed.

Use nightly to see younger looking hands in just a few weeks.

Made with unique and powerful ingredients your hands will regain their youthful appearance overnight.

– Soothes and hydrates

– Creates a more even skin tone

– Reduces appearance of dark spots

– Reduces appearance of discoloration

– Provides all day moisture

– Leaves hands soft and supple

How To Use:

First, before going to bed, apply a small dab of cream onto the back of your hand

Second, rub gently and massage all over with both hands.

Finally, After applying to both hands, smile and get ready to feel your soft hands again.